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The Restaurants

Inside the Eiffel Tower, there are two restaurants;  58 Tour Eiffel, and Jules Verne. There are also a variety of snack bars around the tower where you can get things such as cold sandwiches and light snacks. Both the restaurants and bars offer a variety of cuisine and a fantastic view of Paris that is enjoyed by both Parisians and tourists visiting the city.

The 58 Tour Eiffel is located on the first level of the tower and offers lunch and dinner courses. It’s also very casual and you don’t have to dress up to eat there. The food is served in containers in a basket, following a picnic theme. The menu changes constantly, providing a wide variety of meals to experience and enjoy. Originally, when the Eiffel Tower was first constructed, there were four restaurants on the first floor but were demolished in 1937 for the International Exposition. The kitchens were Then, two new restaurants took their place and in the 1980s, the tower underwent renovations which resulted in the two restaurants being renamed La Belle France, and Le Parisien. Then in 1996, the two restaurants merged into one large brasserie-type restaurant called Altitude 95. This restaurant was designed by Slavik and Loup and had a hot air balloon theme. The restaurant got its name because of it being 95 meters above sea level. At the end of 2008, even more reconstruction took place and in the beginning of  2009, the 58 Tour Eiffel, designed by Patrick Jouin who also aided in the Jules Verne restaurant, was constructed and still there today.  Here is a picture:

 58 tour eiffel

 Le Jules Verne is located on the second level of the tower and is run by chef Alain Ducasse. This restaurant is named after Jules Verne, a literary icon and spokesmen of scientific and industrial progress. The restaurant was completed in 1983, but was redesigned, and after four months reopened on December 22, 2007. The restaurant is accessible from the South pillar elevator. Jules Verne serves more high-end dishes than 58 Tour Eiffel and is more expensive as well. Here is a picture of the restaurant below:



 There are a variety of tours for the Eiffel Tower that allow you to get a full experience of the architectural icon. Tour guides take you up through all the levels of the tower and give you an opportunity to learn more about the construction process and facts you might have never known before. The guides explain the history of the tower, including facts about the World’s Fair, Gustav Eiffel,  working conditions, how long it took to complete, important french figures, and other fun facts. Also, depending on the tour you choose, the guide may also have pictures of what the Fair looked like along with pictures of the tower  throughout construction, and the workers. Each guide is friendly, well-informed, speaks clearly in a loud enough voice that everyone can hear, willing to answer any questions you may have regarding the tower, Eiffel himself, etc. They also and provide factual information and make sure everyone in the group is engaged by asking questions for them to guess the answers to, such as how long it took for the tower to be completed. It’s a very enjoyable experience and allows you to experience the tower in its entirety.


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