The Revolution of 1789

In the early 1700’s life in Paris was decent to say the least. There was little to no famine and the people were at peace. That slowly changed throughout the century as times became harder and the people became uneasy. The people would soon come to doubt the royalty system that they had been living by for hundreds of years. During the revolution of 1789 the people of Paris suffered greatly. They starved and died of disease while the royals and nobles threw lavish parties and spent money on many other unimportant things in these eyes of the French people. When the war broke out Paris was split in two one side featured the royals and nobles and the other the working and lower class. The revolution began with the people of Paris attacking the one building that they believed was a symbol of the French monarchies power, the Bastille.

File:Prise de la Bastille.jpg

Jean-Pierre Houël (1735-1813)

Though the Parisian only managed to free a few of the prisoners their attack prompt the French monarchy into war mode. The people of Paris had the upper hand in this and soon attacked other symbols of French power such as the Palace of Versailles.


Augustin Challamel, Histoire-musée de la république Française, depuis l’assemblée des notables, Paris, Delloye, 1842.

In this attack the people of Paris would successfully capture Marie Antoinette, queen of France. Later in the 1790’s that people of Paris would see many nobles of France and the King and Queen beheaded by guillotine for their crimes against the Parisians.

File:Exécution de Marie Antoinette le 16 octobre 1793.jpg

The people of Paris were very overlooked during this time. The living conditions were disgraceful. People were living in the street starving and dying of things such as cholera and dysentery.  Parisians thought that they deserved more honesty from their rulers. They felt that the country’s money should be spent on bettering the country and the state of it’s people not for bettering the royals lives.


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